Kibbles Inu

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Kibbles Inu

Kibbles $KIBBY isn't your regular neighborhood dog, in fact many recognize him as a symbol of unity. His goal is to build a cohesive, tight knit community creating a strong foundation to develop from.This isn’t Kibbles first walk around the block, as a well versed dog he remembers the days when communities use to stick together through the thick and the thin, supporting each other just like how his buddies Saitama, Shiba, Floki, and Doge made it out the neighborhood and into the real world.Kibbles friends have taught him many important lessons. He has learned to have patience, and to trust the process by working hard in the background to earn his next bone. Kibbles learned to keep his friends close, and that no big dream can be accomplished without the help of his best buds.Kibbles is a meme token inspired by the dog craze, but has solid differences to stand out from the rest, he is cuter, friendlier and loved by all.


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